Best vertical can crushers

Vertical can crushers come in a wide range of colors, materials and they utilize various different mechanisms to crash your cans. This all means that you have a very broad choice range and will be able to get the best one just for your needs. Vertical crushers are usually wall mounted and operate with a large leveraged handle that allows you to effortlessly crush those cans from top to bottom and will reduce their height to around 1 inch (2,5 cm) thickness so you will be able to collect a large portion of these cans and get them to the recycling facility where they will give you money for every single can. Vertical crushers also utilize various materials like plastic and metal and because of their unique design they can disperse those cans with the force of gravity into your recycling bin. Here will be two of the best vertical can crushers that will give you the best value for your money.

Easy Pull can crusher

Easy Pull Auto Dispensing Can Crusher side viewEasy Pull can crusher is a vertically mounted device that will allow you to crush aluminum beverage cans to 1 inch thickness and does that with an ingenious motion that allows you to place your can vertically but it comes out horizontally so you will not need to take it out manually! This Easy Pull crusher has the dimensions of 50.2 cm x 16.51 cm x 10.16 cm so it is not a particularly big device but it takes up some space so be sure to position it in the right spot. This device is created from molded nylon and reinforced with high strength glass fibers that will allow this to crush thousands of cans without braking. You can position this crusher on any flat vertical surface but it is best to mount it to a metal or wood structure as the force applied by that constant crushing is strong and will definitely make a strain on those wall anchors and screws. This crusher is amazingly built with high strength all aluminum bolts and stainless steel piston-rods that will allow it to work without friction in an easy and smooth motion.

Pacific Precision Metals The Crusher

Crusher-2The Crusher is a can crusher that is made entirely from steel and is a vertically mountable device that will allow you to reduce any can to a puck no bigger than 1 inch (2,5cm). This device has the dimensions of 7.6 cm X 11.1 cm X 42.6 cm and it weighs 2kg so it is not the thinnest or lightweight crushers but considering it is made out from steel you should expect that. The whole structure is made from steel and coated with a resilient paint finish that can be in many different color including white red and yellow. The crushing mechanism for this device is fairly easy and you just have to put in a can in that designed slot and then pull down that handle. This handle is made to be long as you will need some force to crush those cans but there is a cushion grip padding on the handle itself so you will not get any blisters on your hands after prolonged crushing. Because this is an all-steel fixture you will need to contently oil those hinges and that can be a bit of a hassle but when oiled they will work a hundred times better as there will be no friction. The crushing mechanism is fairly simple and the one thing that this crusher lacks is an automatic can dispersing mechanism that other crushers have. Overall this is definitely one of the best looking can crushers and it also works great so it has earned the spot as one of the best vertical can crushers.

Both these devices work great and they are made especially to be vertically mounted so you just have to choose from a plastic auto dispersing or metal manual can crusher and that choice is yours to make.


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