Best Semi-Automatic Can Crushers

Crushing your used up beverage cans can save you a lot of space and fuel when transporting that aluminum to the recycling facilities but these devices are usually bulky and you can only crush those cans one by one. This process is slow and if you have to crush hundreds of cans then it becomes increasingly inefficient and you need something more convenient. Here the ideal solution would be an automatic can crusher but at the moment there are no crushing units available to the mass market and those who are, are either super expensive or slow. So the best bet is to get a semi-automatic can crusher that has a top-feed mechanism that will let you crush multiple cans one by one not loading them each inside that crushing mechanism. These semi automatic top feed crushers also have an automatic can dispensing mechanism that uses the force of gravity to get rid of those puck sized cans and loads them in a trash can that is poisoned below the device. Here are the Top 3 semi-automatic can crushers that you can choose from:

can ramCan Ram can crusher

Can ram is an aluminum beverage can crusher that has a top feed mechanism that will allow you to feet up to 10 cans and will automatically disperse of the crushed ones as well as feed the next one in the crushing space from the top. This crusher has only two moving parts and it is made from high strength nylon or commonly known as plastic but because it is intended to crush aluminum cans it is much stronger than your typical plastic that you  get in home electronics or other devices. This crusher has a top feed system that can expand to hold in up to 10 cans if you count the one that is in the crushing mechanism. Usually it is much better to crush your aluminum cans while there are no more than 6 cans inside that feeder tray because if you move the handle rapidly those cans can jump up slightly and if the tray is full the top cans can jump out of it. But if you are careful you can easily crush those 10 cans in 10 seconds as the manufacturer states and of course it will be much more convenient than putting those cans inside one by one. The device is wall mounted with heavy duty screws and the handle has a reinforced structure so it will not break under the constant pressure of crushing those cans. Can Ram can easily be 5 to 6 times faster than your typical can crusher and that is one of the reasons it is so popular! The manufacturer also states that you will be able to crush 12 OZ and 16 OZ cans but if you want to crush 16 OZ cans you will need to flip the crushing mechanism over!

multi load can crusherMulti load aluminum can crusher

Multi Load can crusher is a crushing unit that is made from high strength steel and has a reinforced plastic handle to create maximum grip and leverage. This crusher is made to crush regular 12 OZ cans and you can feed up to 6 cans in that top feed steel beam mechanism. This crusher is one of the few that has a semi-automatic load and unload mechanisms and that is a big advantage if you want to crush your cans conveniently and with speed as well as accuracy. Multi-Load can crusher is designed to be strong and resilient and it mounts on any wall with 5 screws but be sure to mount it on a wall stud or strong beam as the crushing force can rip those 5 screws out from a light wall. Because the outer structure is made from steel this crusher will last for a long time but I don’t know why they made the handle from plastic as if it would have been made from steel this unit would be almost indestructible. Because this crusher has an opening in the base those crushed cans will unload automatically after the handle is once again pulled upward and so the next can will fall into the slot and the process will start all over again.

77703 can crusher77703 can crusher

Multi crush 77703 can crusher is the only all steel semi-automatic can crusher that crusher the regular 12 OZ cans and can load and unload them automatically in the trash can below. This all steel crusher is made from steel beams and 3 steel plates that are welded together to form an indestructible structure with great aesthetic and functional qualities. This crusher is made with few moving parts and there are no hinges that could break or come loss as the crushing is done by pulling the handle down. The back plate is attached to the lower part of the handle and as you pull the mechanism those cans get crushed from back to front and then they get launched trough the bottom into the trash can that is poisoned underneath. This crusher has an all metal handle that is an inconvenience but you can always wear gloves and crush your cans in that manner or just put some foam over the steel beam and it will be much more comfortable. This unit can be mounted to any wall with 3 big screw holes that need real solid wall screws and that is fear as the force required to crush a can is not small and smaller screws can come loose quickly. Because of that long lever handle the crushing force is dispersed in that motion and even a kid can operate this heavy duty device.

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