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My name is John and I am a regular guy that drinks a lot of soda and because of that I have a bunch of left-over cans that I need to compress in some way to transport them to the nearest recycling facility. I love the environment and I know that we all need to protect what we got and crushing and recycling cans is my way of doing a small but noble thing and I feel that it will help to clean up our environment faster and not leave a polluted and full of waste world to next generations.

Because I have a lot of cans I usually crushed them with my feet but that left soda strains on the floor and on my shoes and also I was not able to crush them flat each time as they tend to bend and crumble as they like. After crushing them for a while with my feet I had to make a decision of either trow un-crushed cans away in the regular garbage or get some kind of a device that could crush them evenly every time. And because I don’t want to pollute that much and want to be more environmentally-friendly I searched for devices that could assist me. This is when I fount that there are a lot of can crushing devices out there and you are overwhelmed with all that supply and don’t know which one is the best.

After countless hours of trying to find information about the best one and how all of those crushers do if compared to each other I manage to get a spreadsheet document with all the advantages and disadvantages and ordered my first crusher! As it arrived I was pleasantly pleased and I managed to crust about 100 cans in the first day and have since been using that device for about two years!

The idea for this website however came quite unexpectedly when one of my friends saw my can crusher and wanted to get one for himself. He asked me if I could direct him to the best one and I gave him that spreadsheet that I made when I was searching for them. I was surprised that my friend bought different device than I had ordered but he had different requirements and he intended to place it in a public area where each day there could potentially be 100 crushed cans. And then I realized that maybe he is not the only one that could benefit from this information and I once again started my research and found new can crushers that could be added to that list. I also realized at that point that a table of all the device would not be the only thing that my readers would need and I started to collect information about various models and started writing reviews.

One thing led to another and I opened this website to help you get the best device for crushing your cans, and I believe that well categorized and accurate reviews is just what potential buyers need to make the final decision.

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