Best Compact can crusher

Can crushers are very useful tools because they allow you to compact your beverage cans and be more environmentally friendly but at the meantime get a financial reward when you sell that crushed aluminum. But as always there are some problems to those crushers that need to be addressed and this time we will look at the problem of crusher size as some devices are very big and bulky. This creates negative emotions because you have no place where you can put that crusher and a big and ugly device will not be good enough for people to start crushing their used beverage cans and recycling them. This is why some manufacturers take a different approach and create small devices that can crush only one can at a time and you need to manually load and unload those cans from these devices. This is not as convenient as those semi-automatic crushers but it is still better than trying to crush every beverage can with your feet or hands as it can become dangerous and very tedious job. Here are my choice for three of the most compact and smallest crushers that will not take up a lot of space in your home but will still provide that functionality that you need.

Frog Can Crusher

frog can crusherThe frog can crusher is a small little device that will allow you to crush cans with your feet without any risk of injury from those sharp metallic edges that from when crushing those cans. Frog can crusher is designed and manufactured to be a great little tool for children as well as adults and it has a very basic structure and design that allows you to crush cans up to 12 OZ in size. This crusher has only 3 moving parts and those are the side and back hinges that allow that top part to crush those cans vertically straight down. This Frog can crusher has the height of only 7.5 inches (19 cm) when it is in the open position so it will be very compact and will not take a lot of space in your kitchen or any other place where you do your recycling and can crushing.

Can Pactor

CAN PACTORCan pactor is one of the few horizontal can crushers that crush cans by simply flattening them horizontally not vertically like almost all other devices. This Can Pactor crusher is made entirely from plastic but reinforced with joints and crossbeams to create a strong handle and crushing mechanism. This device has the height of only 4 inches (10 cm) and that means this is the most compact crusher available on the market. This crusher uses an ingenious crushing mechanism that dents the can and only then crushes it sideway so you don’t need to apply that much force as the structural integrity of the can is already compromised. And because of this the crushing is very easy and you will have no problem whatsoever with this device.

Pacific fabrications Can crusher

can pactorThis 12 OZ can crusher is another compact can crusher but unlike the previous two this is made entirely from steel and thus this is much more resilient and stronger to sustained crushing actions. This crusher is a bit bigger than the previous two as it has the height of 15.2 inches (38 cm) but that is because of the handle as it is needed a bit longer to easily crush those cans to less than 20% of their original size. The best part about this device is that it is very compact and has a minimalist design without any unnecessary panels and structures so it is aesthetically pleasing and will look great in any place where you want to crush your used beverage cans.

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