Pitsco hydraulic can crusher

hydraulic can crusher projectPitsco education can crusher is a science project that demonstrates the physics of hydraulic cylinders and how a small force  over a large distance can be transformed into a big force over a short distance. The device that is used in the demonstration is a hydraulic can crusher that is constructed from 4 syringes that have been linked together and when an uncompressible liquid is introduced from one smaller syringe then it manages to exert a strong enough force to crush a regular 12 oz aluminum can. This device together with the instructions costs just 79 dollars but it is a very powerful way to show children how these physics work and explain that this technology is used all over the world in hydraulic lifts as well as hydraulic pumps and other devices.hydraulic can crusher

To get started with this device you just have to assemble the syringes and that spaghetti tubing in the proper order so the one end of the structure faces your way and the smaller syringe is attached to it. But the other end is attached to the device itself and the third intake tube sits in a glass of water so there is plenty of liquid to do the crushing. The device itself is fairly simple and it consists of 3 platforms where the two side ones are fixed but the middle one can be moved up or down and that will be the one that crush those cans. On all four corners there are steel beams that guide that crushing plate straight down but those 4 syringes have been fitted upside-down and with that liquid will extend their end fittings.

Overall I really like this crusher but it is nothing more than a science project and that is why you cannot get it anywhere else than on the pitsco education website. But if you want to teach your kids science you can order this can crusher and see how their eyes shine when you explain how exactly the physics of this device work!

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