Pacific Precision Metals THE CRUSHER review


Pacific Precision Metals Inc is a company that was established in the 1981 but its roots can be found as early as 1941 and this company is a role model in corporate structure that merges design work in the US with cheap labor in the Mexico. Pacific Precision Metal company create a variety of products starting from metal furniture to enclosures and also The Crusher! This company has high standards and they always are innovating and improving their existing product lines and with a company this old you can expect the best quality possible.


This The Crusher is one of the best aluminum can crushers on the market because it is made entirely from steel and has an ingenious mechanism that lets you crash your cans with little force because the handle is designed to be as a lever and by moving it in a wider circle they made it easier to operate.

The Crusher is made from steel and will be able to withstand almost any environmental conditions and the toughest of cans and the design will fit in almost any environment and won’t feel like this device is out of place. Because this crusher is so strong I have seen people using it for years with multiple can crushes each day!

Basically when purchasing this crusher you get a horizontally oriented device that has a metal lever and a soft rubbery handle. You pull up the handle insert a can and then just put that handle down and your can will now be less than an inch (2.5 cm) thick and you will be able to save your recycled garbage space and no more hand or leg crushing cans!

This Crusher takes in almost all cans that include 10 ounce, 13 ounce and 16 ounce but you can’t fit a 24 ounce can right away, but what you can do is to simply bend it a little and then it will fit inside the crusher mechanism.

Crusher-1When you first get this crusher be sure to safely secure it to a very sturdy wall and it would be best to attach it to a wooden beam as the force that is necessary to crush those can could potentially rip the screws out of a softer walls and that could be dangerous. Also I would suggest to put it over a garbage can or a box of some sort as that would allow you to easily disperse of those crushed cans that won’t slide out automatically and you will need to maneuver them out with your hands so it would also be best to get some gloves when you are crushing your empty beverage cans as after crushing they can be wet with leftover soda or beer.

Another thing you must do is to oil the mechanism because it is made entirely from metal and can be hard to operate if it gets completely dry so just get some vegetable oil and spray it on those moving part and you are good to go!

The whole device has the dimensions of 3 inches x 4.4 inches x 16.8 inches (7.6 cm X 11.1 cm X 42.6 cm) and weighs about 4.6 pounds (2 kg) so it is a bit heavy but you should expect that of a completely steel made device!


  • Made from steel

  • Beautiful design

  • Can crush various size cans

  • Easy to clean


  • Don’t take in 24 ounce cans

  • Don’t automatically disperse the cans

  • Sometime a can can pop out while crushing

  • Need constant lubrication because it is all made from metal

The CrusherOverall this multinational can crusher is a great bargain and if you don’t need to crush hundreds of cans a day then this will be perfect for you but be careful as sometime a can can pop out of the mechanism but you can prevent that by slightly holding the can when you start pulling down the hand or just do it slowly as then those cans will stay in place! Apart from that tiny drawback this crusher will work brilliantly and the metal structure makes it feel strong and long lasting!