Commercial Zone Canpactor 30 Gallon Recycling Bin

Canpactor is a combination of a sideways operated can crusher and a recycling bin that is created from high strength polyethylene. This can crushing combo is great for anyone that consumes a lot of canned beverages as this Canpactor combo will give you the ideal solution of both the crusher that will reduce your aluminum can size by 80% and also a trashcan that will hold about 400 crushed cans so you won’t need to go to your recycling point every other week.

Can crusher

commercial can crusherAt the top of this recycling bin there is a black plastic can crusher that is designed to crush cans vertically rather than horizontally. This device is made from high strength plastic and is fairly small when in that rest-state. To operate this crusher you need to pull up the handle put your aluminum can inside that designed slot and push that handle downward. When you do this there is a mechanism that will first dent the middle of your can and then it will be much easier to crush the rest of that can as that structural integrity that keeps this can in place will be lost. If you did not know then cans are made in that exact shape because they have a double bend structure just like in those damp where they have that half circle shape that is also curved outward as this shape is better at maintaining that structural integrity than flat or any other shape.

Overall this crusher will work OK but you will have to sometimes put that can back into the slot and crush it again as it will jump out of that spot but other than that it works flawlessly.

Recycling bin

This combo is great because it also has this recycling bin attached to that can crusher so when you crush those cans they fall into this bin and you can collect up to 400 crushed cans in there. This means you will not need to think about where to put all that aluminum before getting it to the recycling factory and you won’t need to design your own recycle bin that will match your wall mounted crusher device. This trash bin is created from high strength polyethylene also known as plastic but it feels somewhat solid like it will not break for at least a couple of years. This bin has two parts where the top is like a lid with that crusher mounted on it but the other is a regular recycling bin is a white color.

This combo works great together and those cans that get crushed slide right in that trash can trough a specially designed slot at the top and because there is an incline and the whole crusher sits on an inclined surface those cans will fall inside with the force of gravity without needing any additional force. This combo has the dimensions of 16 inches x 22 inches x 33 inches (40.6 cm x 55.8 cm x 83.3 cm) so it is not a tall device but when it come to crushing it works great!

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