Easy Pull Auto Dispensing Can Crusher review

Easy Pull Auto Dispensing Can Crusher mechanismManufacturer

This Can Crusher Is made by a USA company called EasyPull based in Wisconsin that is dedicated to making the best aluminum Can crusher out there. This company is a very helpful and they stand by their product and will replace your crusher if anything should happen to it. The customer support is outstanding and they will go the extra mile to help you and match your needs so only this fact makes this product a very compelling one to purchase as you will feel like you have bought the best product out there!

Can crusher review

Easy Pull Auto Dispensing Can Crusher side viewThis one 12 oz ( 350 ml ) can crusher is one of the best product for crushing can that is available for buying.  This particular model is made from high strength molded nylon and is very strong and no rust will form like it could do on metal crushers. That nylon is also filled with high strength glass and the crusher also has upper rods that are made from 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick stainless steel and the pivot point is made from 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick solid aluminum. This device has the dimensions 19.8 x 6.5 x 4 inches (50.2 x 16.51 x 10.16 cm) and is made entirely in the USA so there are no parts that are shipped from china or any other third country so the build quality and durability is excellent!

This can crusher is made for inside use so don’t place it outside as the moisture could potentially weaken the structure and you could lose the warranty , so it is better to stay within the manufacturer guidelines and put it inside a clean and dry place. You will also get screws to secure this device to any wall but you should be careful as the pulling force is quite great and if you have a weak wall then pulling the leaver could rip those screws right from the wall so it would be best to put it in wood or on a metal structure.

Easy Pull Auto Dispensing Can CrusherThe mechanism itself is fairly easy with only one leaver because you place the can vertically and as you pull the leaver the can is turned to a horizontal state and as you pull the leaver up again the can gets automatically dispersed by the force of gravity and you can put a container or collection can beneath this crusher to collect all those 1 inch thick cans.
This can crusher is good for small time usage like in your house or at your vacation home but will not work in places where you need a lot of crushing because it will take a lot of time to crush them one by one. But for smaller time usage this is perfect as the leaver is easy to pull and there are no spillage when the cans are crushed as many may be inclined to think.


  • Light weight design
  • Durable and high strength molded nylon with reinforced glass inside the structure.
  • Easy to pull handle that a 5 year old could pull
  • Stainless steel and aluminum components for even greater strength
  • Made in USA


  • Is a bit more pricier than other aluminum can crushers
  • Can crush only one can at a time and you need to load them also one by one
  • The catcher tray designed to contain crushed cans is sold separately

Bezor and after crushed canOverall this device is a very good and easy to use aluminum can crusher that is made in the USA and with high strength materials but the best part is the customer service and the company itself as they will make you feel like the most important customer they have!