Progressive International Can Crusher


Progressive international Aluminum can crusher is manufactured by Progressive Intl company. This company specializes in wide range of different tools that helps to make your everyday life a lot easier. Progressive company is manufacturing different inventive and fun home gadgets and tools that will help you in kitchen, like different kitchen gadgets, accessories and other useful things. The company was established in 1973. and has been in kitchenware business for over 35 years and has developed huge experience in the field. Their products including aluminum can crushers are sold in North America, South America, Europe and other markets.


progressive-international-can-crusherProgressive International aluminum can crusher is really great crusher for its price. As with other kitchen tools that Progressive company manufactures, this can crusher also has got good quality and durability. You can make time consuming and sometimes nasty can crushing a lot more fun with this aluminum can crusher. It will crush any of your empty aluminum soda or small beer cans. This product will be a great addition to your kitchen tools, because as we know, cans can actually take up a lot of space if they are not properly crushed and recycled. For example, many people usually throw their empty cans in one bag and left it in garage or other place, while the bag gets full. The leftover fluids in empty beer, soda or other cans start to perish and smell. By the time your bag will be full and you will want to throw it away, you will have to cope that bag will probably be full with old and smelly fluid. This could be avoided if you have been using aluminum can crusher. It is really easy to set this aluminum can crusher anywhere you like on the wall. Just mount it to wall with few screws and use it anytime you want. Progressive aluminum can crusher does not take up lot of space. The dimensions of this product are 3.00 x 3.75 x 12.00 inches, so it will fit almost anywhere in your kitchen. The wall mounting hardware is included in the package, so you will not have to go to tools shop for extra mounting gear.

Progressive can crusher is made from durable steel and will stand many times of can crushing. The frame of the aluminum can crusher is really tough and strong. This aluminum can crusher also has got easy slide action handle that makes can crushing even more easy and fun. Just place the empty beer or soda can in the can crusher and pull the handle. Simple as that, and in short moment your empty can will be crushed into small aluminum plate. The handle is made longer to make leverage process more easier, so that also kids can crush their empty soda cans. The color of this aluminum can crusher is grey. It is made with coated steel frame and handler with few rubber parts.

The best part about this can crusher is the price. This can also be a great gift for both adults and children. Aluminum can crusher can be useful for anyone who drinks soda, beer or anything else from cans. Progressive can crusher is also easy to clean. If any liquid gets out of the crushed can, you can easily just wipe everything off the crusher with any cloth. Some can crusher users also suggests to place a container directly under the crusher, so each time you crush a can, it drops directly into the container and you do not need to touch the can.

All in all, this is a cheap can crusher that can be easily mounted on the wall anywhere you want, and will help you to crush all empty soda or beer cans.

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