Green Solution’s can crusher(foot operated)

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Green Solution’s is an environmentally friendly company that specialize in making technologies that help us save the environment, by recycling and using the same products twite. This company has only a few products that I know of but the most notable is this foot operated can crusher!


Green Solution's foot operated can crusherGreen Solution’s foot operated can crusher is a device that allows you to flatten your aluminum and steel cans to 20% of their size in order to save money and to save space in your recycling trash can. As you know many recycling facilities give money for each aluminum can you bring to them and that means you can make money from all those beverage cans you usually throw away, but getting them to that green recycling facility can be a daunting task because they are so big and takes up a lot of space.
Here comes in this foot operated can crusher. It is designed to flatten cans up to 16 oz (475ml) and it does that with ease and does not damage your shoes or scrape your floor in the process. Basically what you get is a crusher that takes the same amount of effort but does it better than stomping those cans with your feet:

  • put the crusher on the ground

  • with the first crouch put the can inside the metal crusher

  • then stomp that can to about 20% of its original size

  • with the second crunch take the can out and put inside the next one

It is a very simple process and this crusher is made to be portable and resilient as it has the dimensions of 15 inches x 5.1 inches x 2 inches (380 mm x 130 mm x 50 mm) and it is made from high strength metal that has a black finishing color.

At first glance this product seems like the ideal crusher as it is foot operated, portable and it does not take up a lot of space but when you start using it the process is daunting and you feel that this company has not made this product complete and has some more work to do. First of all this crusher does not make the crushing process easier and you have to do the same crunching movements as crushing with your feet but it only is intended to not damage your feet and floor. But because of that unfinished design as you start crushing cans they usually pop out of the device. There is a fundamental design flat that the leg that should hold the cans in place is too small and when you want to crush those cans they just slide over it and as you press down on that mechanism with you feet the can slides across the room making it a pointless process to try and crush it slowly. I think that the idea behind this this foot operated crusher is not bad but the design and functionality is not there yet and maybe after some iteration this company will be able to get a great product to the market, if they have the patience to design it properly.


  • small size

  • lightweight design

  • portable


  • Unusable

  • Cans slide out of the device

  • Does not make the crushing action faster

  • The bump that holds cans in place is too small

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