Heavy Duty Aluminum Can Crusher

Have you ever wondered how good it would be to crush your empty soda and beer cans with durable aluminum can crusher and not your hands or feet? Well, this Heavy Duty steel can crusher will do the job with no problems!


Description and specifications

Heavy Duty steel construction aluminum can crusher is one of the best can crushers you can get for single can crushing. It has got all the features a top quality can crusher has. It can crush up to 7 inch tall cans, it has got steel construction, which will last for many years even if used everyday, it looks nice with its white color and it operates easy because of its 16 inch handle, so even kids will be able to crush their empty soda cans. So lets see in more details, what this aluminum can crusher can do and from what material and parts it is made of.

Heavy Duty aluminum can crusher is made of heavy duty solid steel construction. It will crush any of your aluminum cans without any problems, and thanks to its steel body, you will not have to worry that can crusher will break after few crushed cans. To make it even more durable, this aluminum can crusher is paint hardened powder coated for longer lifetime. Because it is made of durable powder coated steel, it will easily stand any weather conditions and you can use it outside for all year.

This aluminum can crusher can handle 16 oz tall cans and regular 12 oz cans. The crusher will press cans down to 3/4 inch, so you can easily collect them in one bag and later hand them for recycling and get some money. Heavy Duty aluminum can crusher has got long handle, about 16 inches. It helps you to crush any empty aluminum cans with more ease. The long crushers handle also helps kids and older people to crush empty soda cans with no problems at all. To make the crushing more fun and pleasant, handler has got padded grip, which feels good in your hand and you do not need to touch the metal parts of the crusher.

Disadvantages and Advantages

One disadvantage this aluminum can crusher may have, is that it can be harder to crush more wider cans because of crushers narrow width. If you have such problem, just press little bit on the sides of the empty can with your fingers before you crush an empty can, so the crusher can more easily crush your empty can.

This heavy duty steel can crusher will have long lifetime and you will be able to crush empty soda, beer or other aluminum cans with ease. It has got many advantages over cheaper aluminum can crushers, like durability, longer lifetime, good looks and it is really easy to use this crusher.


Heavy Duty steel can crusher is made in simple white color and it will look good in any room or outdoor place you install it. Crusher weighs almost 5 lbs and is only 4 inches wide, so you can easily mount it anywhere you want. It comes with mounting screws and template, so you can mount the can crusher to a wall. If you need a decent aluminum can crusher that will work for many years, then this steel can crusher is for you.

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