Basic Industries International 77703 crusher review

semi-automatic can crusherManufacturer

Basic Industries International, Inc is a US based company that specializes in various different metal craftsmanship objects. They create metal enclosures, cabinets and also metal tools, but for the most part they specialize in metal working and create assembled or sub-assembled products that also include a metal can crusher unit. This company was created in 2000 and have been expanding ever since from their home in California.

77703 can crusher review

This is an all steel can crusher that allows you to recycle your aluminum cans up to 12 oz (350 ml) in size. This unique designed crusher is created entirely from steel and that ensures that it will be durable even after years of heavy usage. This crusher is a so called semi-automatic crusher that allows you to load up to 6 – 12 oz cans and crush them one by. As those crushed cans that are now just 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick drop out of the crusher with the help of gravity the next can slides in the crushing bed so you can once again crush it without even touching anything but the handle. This feeding mechanism is great if you need to crush multiple cans every time as you don’t have to take dirty crushed “pucks” out like in other crushers and if you manage to get a helper then one of you can feed the cans into the feeding basket and the other just pushes the handle and watches how that aluminum is recycled. I know that now in most countries around the world recycling facilities have a policy to give you a cent or two for each crushed can and it doesn’t matter if they are crushed or not and there is a tremendous space saving between 1 inch thick puck an uncrushed 12 oz can.

Basic Industrien inernational 77703

Because the crusher is made from high strength steel the feeder bed is also heavy duty and basically the whole device staring from the handle to the wall mount plate is strong and you will have to excerpt some really big force to break this device. The look or the ascetic appeal of this crusher is also not bad because it has that metal color and because it is fairly compact you won’t even notice it if you have secured it in a garage or other place where you usually throw your recycling trash bags. I found that this device can even work in rainfall or winter and it does not rust so it obviously has some sort of coating but I don’t know what it is.

The handle of this crusher has no cushion grip but that does not make any problems and the steel beam is quite thick and I did not feel any blisters or anything else after crushing about 100 cans in one day.

This is also one of the best crushers watching from the Amazon reviews as here all reviews are great unlike under other crushers where everyone is complaining about the device and nobody seems to get it working properly. After trying this crusher out for a couple of days I really liked it and I guess the only downside is that the manufacturer has not thought about various can sizes as when you put two different sized cans in the feeder mechanism one of them usually gets stuck. But this usually happens if you put larger cans on top, so just feed those larger ones first and then add small cans.


  • All steel design,
  • Semi-automatic crushing mechanism,
  • Great customer reviews.


  • No cushion grip on the handle,
  • You need to grease the hinges to get better crushing out of this device.

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