Can Pactor review

can Pactor can crusherThis 12 ounce or 300 milligram can crusher is perfect for home or office use because it is portable, easy to use, small in size and will fit in any environment. This Can Pactor is made from high strength plastic and is in a black color so it won’t be noticeable in a room or on a desk where you want to crush your cans and recycle that aluminum. The black color also helps to not notice any leftover beverage spills as usually after a months use you will start to feel some spills on the handle and it will become sticky, but that black color will help to mask that.

This Model is also very easy to use:

  1. Insert your 12 ounce can

  2. Pull the lever up

  3. Press the same lever down

  4. And take out your crusher can!

Can Pactor Multi Position crusher

Basically with this simple mechanism there are not many details that could break and that also will extend the total lifetime of this environment saving can crusher. The crusher mechanism itself is simple but ingenious because when you pull that lever there is a knob that first dents your can and then the whole leaver has an easier job to crush that can flat. This is basically the same action you can do in other crushers where you need to pinch every can before it gets into the crusher but with this – no more pinching! Because of this denting action the total stress on the device is reduced and you will have to apply much less force because those cans are designed not to brake with double bends that keep them rigid and strong. And when you shape that delicate form it will flatten much more easily! That leaver I mentioned has also a double layer plastic mesh that saves weight but increases the total strength!

There is just one  maintenance action and it is to oil those two hinges on both sides of the device but it can be done just once or twice a year and if not oiled won’t break device, just make it a bit harder to press.

This model is designed to fit horizontally or vertically and is attached to any surface with only 3 screws where one is at the bottom and two on the top for extra stability. But if you want to move this crusher from one place to another you can also use it without those screws and just lay on any table or any other flat surface. This can be done because of that clever crushing mechanism that puts pressure only downwards and does not apply any pressure on the sides like other models.

The total dimensions of this small aluminum can crusher are 11 inch  x 4 inch x 7 inch (28 cm x 10 cm x 18 cm)  and it weighs just  2.5 pounds (1100 grams) so it is a very lightweight model but despite that it still is strong as steel!

Apart from these I can’t think of any other great features but there are some small disadvantages that could steer you to other models:

  • you can crush only one can at a time,

  • you need to manually reload cans,

  • you can’t crush larger than 12 oz cans,

  • after crushing the can is not automatically dispersed,

  • crusher is made from plastic.

Overall I feel that this is a great device if you need an occasional can crushing but don’t need to do it on a massive scale as then it could become impractical. I liked the option to not screw it down and also the simple but clever crushing mechanism and I rate this with 4 out of 5 stars!