Harbor Freight Tools 16 Oz. can crusher review


This crusher is made and sold by a company called “Harbor Freight Tools” and they are a 400 store business that has its roots at the year 1977 when it was started as a small family business. This company tests products they sell even if they are not made by them and because of this rigorous testing they have a very huge customer satisfaction rating and they intend to keep it! They sell over 7000 products including two can crushers and this 16 Oz crusher is one of those two.


This particular Model is made to crush cans up to 16 OZ (500 milliliters) and will do so with ease and without much force needed. This device is made from solid steel and because of that it is heavy duty and won’t break! The crusher itself and also the handle is made from solid steel but the handle grip is a soft material called cushion grip. Because that handle bar is soft you can crush your cans without any gloves and do it right after drinking the beverage. On the sides of this device there are these crusher beams that bend as you pull down the handle and this is an unique design that helps to crush those cans without overpowering the steel structure or those hinges.

16 Oz can crusher

The dimensions of this crusher are 13 inches x 3.2 inches x 3.8 inches (33 cm x 7.9 cm x 9.8 cm) and it has a 90 day warranty so you get a period where any imperfections could show and if it works for those 90 days then it will probably work for much much more and I have heard this being used for several years and thousands of crushed cans and there were no problems.

The color of this device is grey and the handle is black and this crusher can be wall mounted but you should know that you need a solid wooden beam or a steel frame where to mount it because crushing these cans can be a huge load on your wall and weaker materials won’t hold it. As you set up this crusher and start using it you should also know that those cans are better crushed if you pinch them with your fingers as then at that bended place that thin foil crumbles more easily and you will extend the lifespan of your steel crusher. When you put the crusher up you should also lubricate those hinges with dry lubricant or some other oily substance as they can get stiff but after lubrication the crusher is good to go for a couple of months and then a 5 minute lubrication again makes it work as it was new!

The only disadvantage I can think of is that you can only crush one can at a time but that should not be a problem because you can crush them relatively fast and for home use this is perfect.If you put a trash can beneath the device then you can just kick the can out and put the next one in much faster and you don’t need those more expensive multiple can crushers!

Overall this is a very nice device and you won’t regret buying it because the steel structure is really strong and it will crush your cans for years to come!