Zertronix Automatic can crusher concept

automatic can crusherAluminum beverage cans can be quite disturbing to crush with your hands or feet and all the leftover beverage usually spills out and ruins either your clothes, shoes or your floor and that is not comfortable at all. Of course there are many different hand operated can crushers that are horizontally or vertically mounted but they are usually bulky and no one really wants to crush dozens of cans with their hands so here comes in an electrical can crusher.

Recently the internet was flooded with new plans for an electrical can crusher that can be run on battery power or from a regular electricity outlet and that would be able to crush cans to 40% of their original size in seconds with no effort from you. This crusher is designed to fit on any recycling trash can like a regular trash can cover but it has an opening where you put your aluminum used cans and it automatically crushes them but afterwards they fall down into that trash can automatically utilizing the force of gravity! This concept is amazing and it would be really helpful to have a device like this that you could use every time you drink a beer or a soda and want to get rid of that empty can. As you go to the recycler just put that empty can up there and it will be automatically crushed.

This project sounds like a real winner but sadly it is quite old and from the kickstarter page we can see that it was available for backing in 2009 and it received only 384$ but there was a need for at least 4500$ for this project to fully start the development stage. So at this point in time this project is ended and the plans have vanished and sadly there are no working prototypes that could be improved and if anyone wants to create a device like this it should be done completely from the ground up.

The overall concept and execution of this electrical battery operated can crusher would be amazing but I guess there would be some major difficulties to overcome in the mechanism itself as some cans are really strong and a small electrical motor would not be able to bend them in their required shape but while no one is working on this project or anything similar to it we can just imagine how cool it would be and hope for the future.


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