Top 5 Aluminum can crushers

Aluminum can crushers come in various different forms and sizes and each one of them have a distinct positioning or purpose as I explained in can crusher types article. In this article however I will try to compare 5 of the best can crusher out there ,but to be clear this is only my opinion and there can be many different types and sizes that could be better. From my experience I have found that can crushers need to be measured by different categories like :

Material they are made of, horizontal or vertical positioning, what size cans can be crushed, their operation mechanism (manual, semi-manual, automatic), ease of use and of course the price.


Can pactor hand operated can crusher is a small little crusher that has been designed to work horizontally or vertically and because of that mechanism you can crew that crusher to any wall but also use on any flat surface without screwing it in one place. This is not a big device and it only weighs 1100 grams but despite that it is rigid and strong. This crusher is made from high strength durable plastic that has two layer double mesh handle and fixture that allows the manufacturer to save on materials but does not jeopardize the strength. This material saving on the manufacturers side is also great for us, the consumers because they can lower the prices and we can get our desired device more cheaply. This crusher is made to crush only 12 ounce cans and you can’t fit any larger ones but that isn’t a problem if you drink beverages only from that formfactor cans. The crushing mechanism is hand operated but it has a clever little design trick that bends those cans before crushing so that the crushing part can be done more easily and the stress on that handle and frame is much lower than other crushers experience. Overall I can advise you to buy this crusher if you need to occasionally compact some cans but if you need to clean up after a party then this can be too slow for you!



“The CRUSHER” from pacific precision metals is maybe the best looking crusher on the market with that all steel body and frame and a magnitude of coloring options. When you buy this crusher what you get is a device that is made entirely from steel and that means countless years of crushing without any worry of it bending or breaking. The crushing mechanism itself is designed to be as easy to operate as it can be and because it leverages the force of gravity and a lever mechanism even a kid could crush those soda-cans. The front handle has a great logo on it that looks stylish and modern but the best part is that soft rubbery handle that allows you to crush cans with ease and not worrying about getting any blisters or other hand damage.This device can be placed only horizontally and you need to secure it properly because crushing those cans can exert great pressure on that back surface! The Crusher is designed to work with cans up to 16 ounces but sadly it can’t fit those big 24 ounce cans right away but what you can do is to pinch them slightly and then put in the device. Because this crusher is made entirely from metal you will need to lubricate those hinges more often but you can use any regular vegetable oil to do that. Basically this is one strong aluminum can crusher that you can use every day and because of that easy crushing mechanism it will be easy to clean up after a party or watching the game while drinking beer from cans.



This Auto dispersing can crusher from Easy Pull is a neat little device that can provide easy can crushing in almost any place you want. Basically what you get when you buy this crusher is a high strength nylon body with glass fibers melted inside that plastic. This ingenious use of materials has dropped the weight significantly not jeopardising the strength or durability. This auto dispersing crusher can crush cans up to 12 ounces in size so you won’t be able to put larger ones inside, but because there is that ingenious mechanism in place those smaller cans will automatically dispers downward after the crushing. This mechanism is designed to bend while you are pulling the lever from a vertical to horizontal position and as you pull back of that leaver (after crushing) it will automatically drop down in a collector can or a box of some sort. All those moving parts that need to handle the most stress are made from stainless steel so theoretically this crusher is as strong as an all-steel models because all those parts that hold it together are strong and won’t break. Because that crushing mechanisms handle is long it will be very easy to crush your cans and the handle also has a rubberised hand grip for your protection! Overall this is a great model because you wont need to manually get rid of those crushed cans and you can just put a container beneath it and collect all that recycled aluminum!


Can ram is a can crushing device that is designed to be able to crash up to 10 cans in 10 seconds. This is one of those semi-automatic crushers because you can put in multiple cans at the same time and they will be automatically thrown out from the other end as you pull up the leaver. The crusher and the handle are made from high strength plastic that is recycled so if you are environmentally friendly then this fact will also please you. The crusher itself is pretty lightweight or about 450 grams and it is manufactured to be mounted in a vertical upright position to any wall. With this CAN RAM crusher you can crush up to 16 ounce cans and the crushing part itself is very easy because that handle acts like a lever and with that long movement it disperses the crushing strength so anyone will be able to crush their cans. Basically this crusher is made for places where you need to crush multiple cans like sports bars and party houses, but can also work for single can crushing and with that dispersing mechanism at the back you will be able to collect your recycled aluminum easily and without taking those messy cans in your hands!

Can Crusher 12 Ounce OZCan Crusher 12 Ounce OZ

This 12 ounce steel can crusher is a great addition to anyones home because it is easy to use, lightweight (about 900 grams) and it doesn’t use up a lot of space. Basically what you get is a very simple but elegant crushing mechanism that leverages that handle to crush your cans downward. The best part about this particular model is that it is made entirely from metal so it will last for a long time and that continuous heavy load while crushing those cans won’t affect it that much. This OZ crusher can crush cans up to 12 ounces (about 300ml) so it is not made for those larger beverage aluminum cans but if you don’t use them this will be ideal for you. The crushing handle has a rubberized grip for easy crushing but because all the hinges are made from metal you will need to lubricate them more often to get a smooth crushing out of them. Overall this is a great little device for the occasional can crushing but will be too small to be placed in crowded places where you need to crush hundreds of cans.

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