Portable Can Crusher

As you may know by now that can crushers come in various different sizes and shapes and their usage is not limited to one spot as there are horizontal and vertical crushers as well as electrical crushers that don’t need any manual labor to work. But have you ever thought about can crushers that can be portable and moved around your hose or taken to a pick nick where you will consume canned beverages?

Green Solution's foot operated can crusherThere are certainly some crushers that fit this description like those foot operated models or horizontal desk-mounted crushers but there are no truly portable crushers that have been made to be lightweight and foldable so they are easy to take with you. But why is this? Why no one has created a device like this? In my opinion this is because it is just too much hassle to take a can crusher with you when you are going to a vacation or pick nick and it is easier to crush those cans with your feet by pressing them flat on a solid surface. Can crushers are usually needed in places where people consume a lot of canned drinks and where there is a conscious thought of recycling everything that can be recycled but if you are on a vacation the last thing on your mind usually is how to recycle your waist and save the environment so you much rather throw that can away into a regular trash can and hope someday this trash will all be recycled.

And that means that there is no real need for a portable can crusher and these devices are much better when they are secured in one place as they need some support to exert that force to flatten those cans but also they need a trash can close by so you can collect and recycle those cans because without that it is pointless to crush them.

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