Pacific Fabrication 77702 can crusher review

Pacific Fabrication 77702 Easy Can Crusher is a really simple looking, little crusher, than can crush you beer or soda cans in couple of seconds. This specific can crusher can crush all cans in size of 12 oz (354 ml), and that is the size of a regular coke soda can. It comes with a mounting hardware and is really easy to install. You can install it anywhere you like on the wall in your living room, kitchen, office, outside your house or in garage. This particular can crusher can crush your cans in 20% of their original size.

pacific fabric 77702 can crusher

One advantage of this aluminum can crusher is that its made fully from steel. All Pacific Fabrications crushers parts are durable, can bend almost any can and will not break after a month or more. This means that you can crush a lot of cans, without ever worrying that something in this crusher might worn out or break. Other similar devices have got weak rivets that can break if you recycle a lot. This one, however, has got all steel parts, so this thing will not happen.

pacific fabric steel easy crush can crusherOther great advantage of this crusher is its price. With costing little over $10 it is a great deal for everyone. It is easy to use, so any member of your family, even children, will not have any problems crushing empty soda cans. You can think of this as a great present for everyone, as recycling is becoming more and more popular today, and everyone should think on, how they can improve their recycling and green living habits. You can even put this little crusher at store and everyone at the store will be able to easily bend and throw away their empty sodas. Lots of people put this tool outside their houses, so when you have a garden or pool party, everyone will crush their beer cans, and you will not have to walk on your backyard next day and gather all empty drinks from the ground. And the little price of this product, means that you can afford even more than one for each place at your house, where you usually drink sodas of beers.

One disadvantage of this can crusher might be that it is not a good looking, as other crusher around the market. So you probably will not put in you newly designed kitchen, as its paint is going to come off at some point later, if you will use it regularly. But except of this minor drawback, everything else on this can crusher is on the top.

In conclusion, I can say that I definitely recommend this little 12 oz Pacific Fabrication 77702 Easy Can Crusher for everyone, looking of a great quality, well built and durable can crusher that will do it job for many years after. And with its great price, it is must have tool at any home and family, who thinks, how to improve their lives just a bit. This is really one of those tools that you will be using after 5 years and more, and it will do its job without any problems. Although, it can crush only one can at the time, its great durability and steel parts, makes it one of the best aluminum can crusher at the price.