Monarch Aluminum Can Crusher


monarch can crusherMonarch can crusher is an electrical crusher that can crush more than a 20 cans every single minute and that equates to more than 1000 crushed cans every hour. These numbers may sound impressive but what is the best apart is you have nothing to do but to load those cans in that can feeding mechanism of this crusher and Monarch crusher will do the rest. If you have a restaurant, bar or any other public area where a lot of beverage cans are consumed you will probably be thinking about ways to dispose of those aluminum cans and one great way is to recycle them getting money for every single can. If you do this then you need some way how to crush those cans as uncrushed ones are too big to economically transport and get to that recycling factory.

Here comes in this Monarch can crusher that is powered by electricity and can crush all your cans automatically. You just plug in the machine into a power outlet and load those cans is at the top feeder mechanism and crushed cans come out from the bottom. This crusher is not crushing those cans horizontally but it flattens them vertically as that saves more space and in this particular setting it makes more sense as that clever mechanism inside can do this with 1/4 HP electric motor that consumes only about 4.6 Amps of power from a 115 Volt power outlet. The whole thing weighs only about 43 kilograms and it has the dimensions of 81 cm x 52 cm x 42 cm so it is the size of a regular trash can. This Monarch crusher is made from metal so it is strong and durable but those additional legs that can be put underneath this machine act as supports and raise the whole thing from the ground so you can slide an empty trash can underneath and collect that precious aluminum.

This crusher is made entirely in the USA and that is a big advantage as it has a great build quality but what will happily surprise you is the sound that it makes as it does not make those loud noises that usually come from crushing a can because all that crushing happens inside that sealed metal box and that acts as a sound buffer. You will be able to put this in a public area and allow your customers to crush those cans themselves if they like or just collect them and crush them in the back-room not disturbing the usual workflow.

The only disadvantage to this device is the price as it is somewhere in the 2000$ range and that is a really huge sum of money for a device that only crushes cans. I doubt that you will get this money back by just crushing those cans and getting those few cents back as you would need to crush thousands and thousands of them to break even not to mention any profit. But as an aluminum can crusher device it really works perfectly and if you are not looking for ways to make money but to care for the environment this will be perfect for you.


  • Automatic crushing mechanism
  • Low noise level
  • Convenient design


  • Price

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