Mark-Co 3000 review

mark-co 3000Have you ever wondered why all these can crushers that you can buy are so poorly made or why are they mad from plastic not hordcore steel or aluminum? Well the answer is because the manufacturers need to make money and creating things takes up a lot of energy and money so in order to get profit you have to increase the price or choose cheaper materials and because crushers are not usually an essential tools then manufacturers take the second approach.
This time I will give you an insight in what would a real can crusher look like if a real engineer would make one not big corporations that only think about profits. Here is the Mark-Co 3000 and that is simply a name for a device that can crush any type of cans and is made from stainless steel! This device was invented in 2010 by Mark Larkin that is an auto mechanic in Austin, Texas. This fellow has long been creating various different kinds of mechanical inventions but this time he has managed to create something truly amazing. Basically his son needed a way to crush his beer cans because he is in collage and Mark took up this challenge for two whole months and created this device what he calls the Mark-Co 3000. This can crusher is basically a device that sits on top of your trash can and has a handle that when pulled operates the crushing mechanism that crushes any aluminum can into 1 inch thick puck and then using the force of gravity disperses it inside that trash can underneath. This ingenious device is one of a kind and it is a shame that you cannot buy one because I would immediately order it if Mark would sell few of those.
I simply adore this thing because Mark Larkin has thought about everything from the fact that canned beverages can stink and that is why there is a door on the crusher that automatically closes the can-drop hole to the fact that when you need to take it off and change the trash you need legs to support it. There are even two handles for left and right handed people and overall this device looks astonishingly beautiful with that stainless steel finish. Let’s hope some manufacturer would see this device and offer mark a contract so that they could improve on it and create it for the mass market and maybe in the future we all could see amazing crushers like this in our homes.

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