How and Why to Oil can crusher Hinges

Can crushers need constant lubrication in their hinges as they are very extensively used and hinges that are not oiled will usually squeak or grind making a terrible sound but they will also make crushing more difficult. The usual materials that crushers are made of are plastic and metal and these both create friction if they are rubbed together and this friction usually is the culprit that makes your crusher squeak and friction is also responsible for that reduced performance. This means that it will become increasingly difficult for those hinges to work and without any additional oil they can break altogether.

This increase in friction is usually more seen in metal crushers as metal hinges make those terrible noises when they are not properly lubricated. But it also happens to plastic crushers and if a plastic crusher’s hinge creates enough friction it can halt working and because plastic is more fragile than metal you will probably break your device if this happens.

Lubricating or oiling crushers is quite easy and it is done in a similar manner than lubricating door hinges:

  • wd40Find the best lubricant or oil that suits your needs. This can be WD40, silicone, Inox or Teflon but you have to get the best for your specific needs according to the color of your crusher and the specific material used in making those hinges.
  • Take that lubricant and spray it at the top of the hinge and beneath it so some of it goes inside and try to move your crushers arm up and down so that those hinges get properly lubricated, but you may need multiple times as usually only a small amount of that adhesive gets inside the actual part where the friction happens and those two materials meet.
  • After you are sure that the job is done be thorough and take a pepper towel or a rag to clean the outside of that hinge as there is a good chance you will touch that part sometime in the future and I doubt that you would like oil stains on your fingers or clothes.
  • Repeat this process a couple of times a year or in shorter / longer time periods according to your crushing schedule and how much you use this can crusher. But take in mind also the weather conditions and where you’re device is placed as a crusher that is in garage and lubricated with silicone will have hard time working if the temperature drops below Zero degrees Celsius.

Some may say that it is obvious you need to lubricate your aluminum can crusher but others thing that when you buy it you can use it till it breaks. As you can see I am from the first group and strongly advise you to also do this as it will increase the lifespan of your device and make it easier to move that crushing arm!

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