Eko-Mania Krusher review

Ekomania crusherManufacturer

Eko-Mania is a UK based company that manufactures various different tools from metal. This is a company that specializes in high durability , high strength devices that are usable and useful for their customers but don’t cost a fortune.

Eko-Mania Crusher review

Eko-Mania Crusher is an unique patented crusher that is created to be able to crush cans, plastic bottles, milk and other beverage carts as well as large food cans sideways. This unique looking device is a real hard core steel crusher that is entirely made from metal so it is as high strenght as they come but it also poses a disadvantage , that you need to grease those metal sliding parts so that the lever will work seamlessly and so that it won’t make any scratching or scraping noises, that can be very annoying.

From the outside this can & bottle crusher is a great looking device with powder coated handle that is in front of the crusher and when not in use basically hides the whole crushing mechanism. But underneath the handle you will see an ingeniously designed mechanism that uses the handle as a lever to help you crush various different products not requiring enormous strength or weight. This device has to be attached to a sturdy flat wall vertically in order for it to work properly, but you must be careful and not attach this to a weak wall or with weak crews at it exerts enormous force on the wall and those screws and if something is not right it is very easy to break it down from the wall. The whole thing is made from steel so it is very durable and that is why the manufacturer promises a 3 year warranty and that is a very long time for a device that is intended to be used daily and needs enormous durability to sustain the repeated force of crushing these cans.

If we compare this crusher to other similar devices this always comes on top because it not only can crush cans for up to 500 ml (17 Oz) in size but it can also crush plastic bottles and other recycling things and is made to be used like the primary ore-recycling mechanism to save space and energy transporting uncrushed products to the recycling facility. Basically all the intent of this has gone into usability and clean living so if you want to save the environment by doing a small part them by all means take a look at this crusher as it is one of the best products on the market right now!


  • Made from high strength steel

  • Can crush beverage cans, bottles, milk carts as well as food cans

  • 3 year warranty

  • powder coated handle

  • uniq design


  • Only available in UK

  • it needs constant lubrication for proper usage

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