Easy to use can crusher for kids

Recycling garbage is now fashionable and many households are starting to recognize that doing one small thing we can collectively get rid of those nasty land-fall garbage mountains that take up hundreds or acres of land that cannot be used for agriculture or other purposes. Recycling all your trash is great, but there has always been a dogma around aluminum cans because when the beverage inside them is consumed they are very light but take up a lot of space and that means you will need to take out your trash more often. Because of this problem people want to crush their cans and it can sometimes be fun for children to smash their costumed beverage cans but it can also be dangerous as there are always sharp edges after those can are crushed. And that is why parents do not allow their kids to crush these aluminum cans but that is not great form children’s point of view as it is fun to crush something before throwing it out in the trash.

Here comes in can crushers that allow anyone with little force to crush their used up beverage cans and can also be used by children as well as their parents. But not all crushers are equal and some are easier to use than others so today I will introduce you with three easy to use crushers that have great design that will allow your children will to crush those used beverage cans. Just remember to teach them some basic safety precautions like not to stick their hands and fingers inside the crushing mechanism and crush cans only when there is nothing else inside the device.

Frog can crusher

frog can crusherOur first pick is the frog can crusher that is a horizontally mounted crusher made directly for children as it has a very cute frog like form and it basically looks like a frog that is ready to jump up with tense legs and muscles. This crusher is designed to be foot operated and has a flat head and flat bottom so you can put it on the ground, insert your can and then press your feet on that head. This crusher is designed to crush cans up to 12 oz (330 ml) and it will allow to crush cans to adults as well as children. There are no metal parts except the joints on those hinges so this crusher is safe to use but still you need to teach your children that they can hurt themselves so they must be careful.

Easy Pull Can crusher

easy pull can crusherEasy pull can crusher is a can crusher that automatically disperses cans as you crush them from a vertical to horizontal position but the device itself is created to be mounted vertically on any wall. This crusher is not made for children but it has a very easy to use handle that will allow anyone to use it. This Easy pull can crusher is designed to be very easy to use and it has only one hinge but because it can automatically disperse cans you will need to do less manual work and will need to only load up those cans before crushing them. This crusher is made from plastic with reinforced glass fibers inside the structure and there are also stainless steel hinges that will allow this to crush any can up to 12 oz (330 ml). Because this is a more durable device that is designed for large scale crushing you must teach your children some safety preclusions before they can operate this device!

The Crusher

The crusherThe Crusher is a can crusher made entirely from steel that is capable of crushing cans up to 16 oz in size and that makes this the most optimal crusher for people that drink large volume beverages. The crusher is designed to be used by anyone as it has a very soft crushing mechanism that does not need a lot of force from the operator. The Crusher is a great device to have in your home as you and your children will be able to use it with ease and all your used up beverage cans will be less than an inch (2.5 cm) in height after crushing.

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