DIY aluminum can crusher

diy aluminum can crusher

When it comes to aluminum can crushing even a simple homemade device can do the trick if you create it well enough. When looking for can crusher Do It Yourself plans there are a few places where you can find some and there are ones made for only professional woodworkers or metal workers but this time I will show you a can crusher plan that is designed for everyone as that is as simple as it can be. This crusher utilizes only two wooden boards and a couple of other materials but simply speaking it is a fancy way to crush a can with a wooden beam. To make this crusher you will need:

  • Two 16 inch (40 cm) long wood beams,
  • Two jar lids,
  • A strap hinge,
  • And a couple or screws or nails.

First you must place both those wooden beams on top of each other like you would stack books and attach that strap hinge to the end of both beams so they can be opened and closed in just the right position. You can attach this Hinge with screws or with nails that you have as there is no noticeable difference in them.

After you have added that hinge you need to nail those two jar lids both facing each other on insides of those wood beams. These will help you to keep that aluminum can in place and will not allow it to slip out of your device as you start to crumble it with that force that you excerpt.

After you have mounted those jar lids the last thing to do is to attach a handle to the device so that it would be easier to grip and this handle will also provide some leverage to increase the strength of your motion. You need a handle with extended beams at the ends to attach them on the sides of that top wooden beam.

And this is basically it. You now have a homemade can crushing device that can be operated with that handle that you attached. Of course this is not ideal as when you start crushing those wooden beams will not he horizontal to each other and some cans can slip out of those jar lids but in general this is a better way to crush your cans than trying to do that with your bare hands or stomping them with your feet.


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