Can Crusher 12 Ounce OZ review

Can Crusher 12 Ounce OZ review

Can crushers can make your life more easier if you use cans a lot, but do not like to crush cans afterwards with your hands or feet. There are many aluminum can crushers in market in different shapes and sizes and can crush different size cans. This can crusher is manufactured to press 12 Ounce OZ (about 350 ml or regular small coke can).

can crusher 12 ounce oz

Recycling is getting more popular and certainly helps the environment. This aluminum can crusher makes recycling a lot easier. You can just put your empty can in the crusher, pull the handle and crush the can in couple of seconds. Crusher is made from heavy duty steel, so it can crush practically any cans, and has got a cushion grip handle that makes it more comfortable to use. Even children will be able to crush cans with this tool with no problems. And simplicity of this product allows everyone to use it.

Can Crusher 12 Ounce OZ can be used in different places at you home like kitchen or maybe you guest room, in garage or outside the house and even in offices, shops, clubs, parties or any other public place to make can crushing easier for people. This gadget can make a good gift for both children or adults.

It can crush aluminum soda and beer cans that are 3 inches wide (7.6 cm) and 4.7 inches tall (12.16 cm). The package includes the can crusher and mounting screws, so that you can mount it on any wall you like.

Probably the biggest advantage of this crusher is the cheap price of it. It is one of the cheapest can crushers available right now. Another great thing of this crusher is the really easy installation and use. So easy that even a kid will know how to use it. Crusher also looks good and has a decent build quality. Although it can crush only one can at the time, it is still a really great can crusher and can be used in many places.

However, it could be a little bit more durable and made from better metal. If you need to recycle a lot of cans, this crusher will not be the best choice for you, as its rivets is not made from the best and most studier metal, and it can crush only one can at the time, but it will do the job and crush cans. And the cheap price for this crusher is certainly a huge advantage and makes it affordable for anyone.

In conclusion, I can recommend this 12 Ounce OZ Can Crusher for everyone, who occasionally needs to crush some small cans and do not want to bother by crushing them with hands or feet. It looks good, is well built and will crush cans with no problems. It can be installed easily and will be great to use in many places in your house, at parties, stores or anywhere else you need it. Its cheap price certainly makes it a great deal for everyone who likes recycling.