Can collection bins

Can crushers are very useful tools but they have a flaw as usually as you crush your aluminum beverage cans you don’t have a place where to put those crushed cans. And this is very unpleasant as I expect you want to recycle them and need another container for storing these puck sized aluminum cans. This is where these can collection bins come in as they are specially designed for can crushers and thus are very convenient to use together with those can crushers. These collection bins vary according to the can crusher and manufacturer but most likely they come together with the crusher itself as in this way the manufacturer can ensure that everything will work as expected and you as the consumer will not need to think how to stick those two together. When you crash your aluminum cans there are usually some leftover beverage still in the container so this recycling or collection bin needs to be water resistant and ensure that all those leftovers will spill into the container. But they also need a closed lid so the smell of all those beverages would not be noticeable as it can become increasingly disgusting as you add more and more cans into these containers. Here will be some of the best can collection bins that you can buy:

Easy Pull Can Crusher Collection Bin

easy pull can crusher collection binEasy Pull collection bin is a collection container for the EZ Can Crusher and this is the perfect addition to an amazing crusher. This collection bin can hold 48 crushed cans and these puck sized crushed cans fall into this bin after the crushing motion is done automatically. This crushing bin uses the force of gravity to collect your aluminum cans and because this recycling bin is so easily removable you will have no problem emptying it in a garbage bag or a much larger container in a different locations. Because this collection container is specially designed for this one can crusher it has a very sleek look and a very compact design that ensures this collection bin is only 16 inches (40cm) tall and it will go great together with your EZ can crusher. Easy Pull recycling bin is made entirely from plastic but that does not matter as it feels strong and solid but because it has those sliding grooves it can be easily attachable and detachable to your can crusher.

Large Commercial Area Can Crusher Bin

large commercial area can crusherThis commercial area can crusher collection bin is a great addition to any public area where a lot of beverage cans are used as this crusher and collection bin combo will allow you to crush and collect up to 400 aluminum cans and that means you can easily get them to the recycling factory and get cash for your effort. This commercial zone collection bin comes equipped with a can crusher at the top so there will be no pairing or misunderstandings regarding this device and your can crusher. As you operate your crusher it will crush those cans flat and they will slide inside the collection bin with the help of that inclined surface and a small opening at the top. This collection bin has the dimensions 34 inches x 23 inches x 16 inches (86 cm x 58 cm x 40 cm) so it is quite a big device but considering that it can store up to 400 crusher aluminum cans this is acceptable. Commercial collection container combo device is created from high strength plastic so it is lightweight and will not rust or get any other environmental damages.

HexCycle IV Can Crusher Bin

hexcycleHex Cycle collection bin is another great product that basically is a collection bin and a can crusher combo but this time this collection bin can hold upwards of 1000 crushed cans so there will be no problem whatsoever with the recycling process and when selling your crushed cans you will pay for this bin in a few full bags! This HexCycle has the measurements of 40 inches x 21 inches (101 cm x 53 cm) and even if that is the biggest can collection bin that you have seen keep in mind that this will hold 1000 crushed cans! The mechanism for crushing is very simple and this is your regular cushioned handle can crusher at the side and as you crush those cans you will need to take them out of the crusher and put in the bin at the top. This mechanism is not the most efficient but it is easy and understandable to anyone and that means you can put this device in your bar or cafeteria and watch how it will fill with crushed cans saving the environment and making you money.

Proteam Recycling Bags

proteam recycling bagsThese garbage collection bags have nothing to do with a can crusher but they are very useful if you have bought a crusher and don’t have anywhere to store your crusher aluminum cans. There are three color coated bags that each can hold about 40 liters or garbage and that means hundreds of crushed aluminum cans. The material for these bags is amazing as it is specially designed to be resistant to beverage spills and other garbage stains and with a simple water wash it will be as new every time you feel that there is just too much leftover beverage spills in there. Because these are simple bags the price is amazing and you will be able to recycle not just aluminum but glass and plastic as well and overall this can be a very great product if you have a can crusher without a collection bin.

25 Liter Recycling Bins

25 liter recycling cansThese three recycling bins are just another product that can come in handy if you have a can crusher without a collection bin. There are three 25 liter plastic color coated collection bins that can be used for various recycling materials including your crushed cans. Because these are waterproof you can store them outside if you also have a waterproof plastic or stainless steel can crusher. In those 25 liters you will be able to contain more than 100 aluminum cans and you can even use all these bins just for your can crusher and collect cans while all of them are full and only then get them to the recycling factory and get a bigger paycheck.

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