Best 16 OZ can crushers

16 OZ or one pint cans are one of the main standards in North America as they are the exact size as a pint glass and many beverage consumers have realized that they are more economical and convenient than those small 12 OZ cans. These aluminum cans have the dimensions of 6.9 inches (157 mm) height and 2.6 inches (66 mm) diameter but at the ends the can has the diameter of 2.3 inches (59 mm). These cans hold exactly 16 oz (473 ml) of liquid and they are being used for beer, sugary drinks and other beverages. Because these cans are larger than the most widely used 12 OZ cans then they need larger can crushers to compact them and that means not every manufacturer has taken this into consideration and there are many crushers that do not allow to crush cans like these. Today I will give you the best crushers that are capable of crushing these 16 oz cans.

can-ram-aluminum-can-crusherCan Ram

Can ram is one of those semi-automatic can crushers that can crush multiple cans on by one without manually loading and unloading those cans from the mechanism itself. This crusher has a 10 can feeder mechanism that allows you to load it full with cans and then pulling only the lever crush those cans one by one. Can ram is capable of crushing up to 16 OZ cans and that means it will also take in smaller beverage cans. Can Ram is created from high strength plastic and it consists from only two moving parts and is very easy to use.

The CrusherThe Crusher

The crusher is a can crusher made entirely from steel and is one of the best crushers on the market because of the ease of use as well as because of that high-strength body. The crusher can take in cans up to 16 oz in size and of course all the other smaller cans can also be crushed in that mechanism. This device has a rubberized handle for easy non-slip grip and it also has a beautiful design so it will go great together with other devices in your garage or kitchen. The crusher is a crusher where you need to load the cans yourself but it is not a problem because the crushing arm can be maneuvered to the top revealing the crushing bed and mechanism.

eko mani crusherEko-Mania crusher

Eko-mania crusher is another device that is made entirely from steel and that means it is also durable high strength and weather resistant. This crusher is capable of crushing cans up to 17 OZ in size and it can also crush bottles and milk carts and that is a great advantage! Eko-Mania crusher has a large handle for easy operation and it also has a 3 year limited warranty and that means the manufacturer is completely convinced that this device will not break under any pressure.

muli load can crusherMuli-Load can crusher

Multi Load can crusher from Harbor Freight Tools is a crusher that is made from plastic and high strength steel parts and is a semi-automatic crusher that is capable of crushing 10 cans in 10 seconds or less. This crusher has a top feeding mechanism and it also automatically takes in new and disperses the old crusher cans. Multi-Load crusher is designed to be able to crush cans up to 16 OZ in size so it should have no problem crushing your favorite beverage containers.

I hope you now have the necessary knowledge to get the best crusher possible and choose from these devices the best one for your requirements!

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