16 OZ red can crusher

16 OZ can crusher

ABC Products have created a can crusher that has an all metal structure and that can crush any beverage can under 16 OZ (500 ml) in size. This can crusher unlike many other products has a red coated finish paint that makes it that much better looking than any other can crusher. This whole product has the dimensions of 21.5 inches x 4.7 inches (54 cm x 11.9 cm ) so it is fairly compact in this closed position. The whole body is made from high strength steel structure and that means it will work without any failures for years to come unlike those other plastic crushers that can fell apart after a couple of weeks of intense can crushing. This steel structure makes this product much more appealing to customers as it is a sign of strength and durability and because there are no plastic parts this feels much more heavy-duty than other similar products. Design wise this crusher has a red body with black handle and a foam cushion grip that will be comfortable and won’t create blisters on your hands after an intense session of crushing. Everything on this device is mounted properly and only place where there are screws is on both sides of that cushion grip handle. And you can also use 4 screws to mount this crusher on any horizontal surface with 3 screw-holes at the top and one at the bottom. But be sure to mount this thing on a heavy duty wooden beam or metal structure and there will be quite a big force put on that thing as you pull down that leaver and crush your aluminum cans.

The functionality of this device is quite simple and you simply need to take that cushion grip handle put a can inside that 16 OZ can crushing bed and putt lit down. The top of that crushing bed will slide downward and your can will be packed between those heavy steel plates. Then you just take that can out and put another one in an repeat the whole process. The whole crusher works with two vertical hinges that work when you pull down that handle and they launch that top crushing plate downward applying tremendous force. These hinges are also made entirely from steel so it would be wise to try and oil those hinges as  they can otherwise get increasingly difficult to move.

There is not that much more to review as the whole crushing is straightforward and a baby would understand how to do it. The price is amazing for an all steel device like this and the crusher itself starting from the base plate to those hinges feels really solid and there will be no bending or rusting on those metal parts. I can really advise you this crusher if you like a little bit more style as this has that red color unlike all those other crushers.

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